2022 Summer Beer List

With the summer coming, so is the belting heat and the smell of grass clippings. One of our cowboy cures for a heatwave is a longtime favorite, the summer brew. Take a look at this list we have put together and lets share some banter, let us know which ones we left off that really got you wound up. Share it with us and we can catch them on the next run. We wanted to make sure to only include brews we’ve taste tested ourselves over the recent years. Some are no-brainers and the others might not be in your local store but worth the buy when you come across them. These summer beers feature some similarities, lower ABVs and a refreshing taste perfect for warm nights.


Summerfield Candle Co. 2022 Summer Beer List


The southern Texas heat is no environment for a heavy brew or anything overbearing. We can get things fired off with the first two as your classic alternatives to a Corona. These summer beers are lighter but still loaded with flavor.

1. Cerveza Pacifico Clara (ABV 4.4%) (15 IBU)

This is a classic you should already have in rotation come spring but in case you don't know. This pilsner-style lager packs a bigger refreshing punch than your light Corona but still sweet from this south-of-the-border beer from the Baja Coast.

Pacifico Clara - Summerfield Candle Co.'s 2022 Summer Beer List


2. Landshark Lager (ABV 4.6%) (17 IBU)

This light beer goes down dangerously easy  without the skunky Corona taste and doesn’t need a lime. After a long day of eating too many burgers at the park or a workout with your girl, this lighter beer will be your best bet on this list.

Landshark Lager - Summerfield Candle Co.'s 2022 Summer Beer List


3. 21st Amendment: Hell or High Watermelon Wheat (4.9% ABV) (17 IBU)

Spoiler Alert: The watermelon is not overpowering and the beer is not pinkish blue or too sweet. Therefore, you have every reason to give it a try and buy a case for your next pool day or barbeque. Watermelon & beer = summer in the south. This wheat beer brewed with watermelons is only available April through September.

21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon - Summerfield Candle Co.'s 2022 Summer Beer list


4. Allagash White (5.2% ABV) (13 IBU)

This wheat beer is crisp and refreshing and features notes of citrus. To compare this beer to a Blue Moon would be fair but this beer has less citrus and more spice.

Allagash White - Summerfield Candle Co.'s 2022 Summer Beer List

5. Dogfish Head Craft Brewery: Slightly Mighty (4% ABV) (30 IBU)

This is a hazy gold, lo-cal India Pale Ale. Now what makes this one different from the rest of the list is that it is fruity like most summer beers but it is also dry with some bitterness. It is light bodied and been around since 2018. 

Dogfish Brewery Slightly Might - Summerfield Candle Co.'s 2022 Summer Beer List


6. Lone Star Rio Jade Lager (4.5% ABV) (12 IBU) 

Now this is a crispy Mexican-style lager brewed in the hill country of Austin. This is one of the best Mexican-style lager that you can find in Texas. Take this one down to the river to float your worries away.

LONE STAR RIO JADE - Summerfield Candle Co.'s 2022 Summer Beer List


7. Lagunitas: Daytime IPA

This is a session beer so ideal for throwing back multiples since it is a 98 cal, 3 carb IPA.

Lagunitas Brewing Daytime IPA


8. New Belgium Summer Bliss (5.5% ABV) (9 IBU)

This summer beer is a easy drinker. It is a tropical wheat and that comes from the splash of lemon and mango you can taste with the wheat pairing.

New Belgium Summer Bliss - Summerfield Candle Co.'s 2022 Summer Beer List


9. Karbach Brewing's Tasty Waves (4.9% ABV) (15 IBU)

Karbach Brewing Tasty Waves - Summerfield Candle Co.'s 2022 Summer Beer List


10. Bull Durham Light (4% ABV) (5.8 IBU)

Quite literally a ballpark beer, this beer from Durham is a legit summer star in the cooler. First brewery in a minor league ballpark.

Bull Durham Light Ale - Summerfield Candle Co.'s 2022 Summer Beer List

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