4 Tips to Help you Relax This Spring & Summer

It’s important to prioritize your self care year-round and take time to rest and recharge.

As the warmer months approach, the world seems to come back to life with bustling activities and busy schedules. While it’s exciting to spend time with loved ones and get your energy flowing after slow winter days—it’s also essential to focus on small habits that help you relax. Whether that’s lighting one of your favorite Summerfield Candle Co scents to unwind, or going on an impromptu nature adventure. Let’s break down our top four tips to help you relax in 2022 as spring and summer approaches.


1. Light a Candle and Practice Visualization


A big part of relaxation is prioritizing time to reflect, and care for you mental health.

Research shows that scents can improve your focus, lift your mood, and boost your outlook on life. Who knew that a nice smelling fragrance could be so powerful? We recommend lighting a soy candle and taking some time for visualization. The warmer months are a busy season of inspiration and productivity as the year continues to unfold. Sit down, inhale your favorite

scents, and visualize your goals , dreams, aspirations or ideal getaways. This is a great life hack that you can do in under five minutes to help you calm down after a stressful day.


2. Get Outdoors


The warmer months are the perfect time to plan a trip with your friends, or go camping

off the grid for a weekend. If you can’t plan a getaway, go for a walk outside at a park or a local nature trail. Being outdoors in fresh air has immense benefits on our health. In the modern age, it’s easy to spend all day indoors, over-caffeinated and engulfed in blue light. If you are feeling stressed, take ten minutes out of your day to get outdoors. Nature is our natural healer, and it’s one of the best relaxation tools the Earth provides.


3. Learn the Importance of Logging Off


If you’re living in the 21st century you most likely have a phone, computer, tablet, or

television you use daily. Whether you work remotely, or are stuck in the habit of scrolling

through social media, it important to set technology boundaries. Make it a daily priority to log off of electronics a few hours before bed every night. Your sleep will improve, your stress will lower, and you’re able to reset for the day ahead. If you’re wondering how to spend your night, try out a candle lit bath with Summerfield Candle Co’s Woodland scent and unwind with your favorite book.


4. Create a Healthy Habit Tracker


Most of us know what makes us feel good, but it can be hard to keep track of everything.

When you create a habit tracker, you don’t have to beat yourself up if you miss the mark.

However it does help serve as a daily reminder, and holds you accountable to your goals. Some things you can track are: Movement, Time Outdoors, Water Intake, Breathwork, Quality Time with Loved Ones, Self Care, etc. Focus on habits that are good for you mind, body and spirit. We recommend you start small, and celebrate the small victories along the way when creating new goals. When you do more of what you love, you’re able to relax and face the day with grace. These are some helpful tips to relax this spring and summer to keep you feeling your best.



Your self care is important to us here at Summerfield Candle Co. Check out our selection of natural soy candles to brighten your home, engage your senses, and relax your spirits.

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