Ballad of Summerfield



As I'm overwhelmed by the flood of memories that rush back, like a calm breeze rustling through the fields of overgrown grass. How can I express the depth of affection for my cherished hometown. This humble attempt called the Ballad of Summerfield.


I often felt a restless call to venture beyond your familiarities. I sought the bright lights of distant cities, believing that there lay my true self. Ultimately leaving as enjoying the change in pace, the fresh faces and believed importance of big city structure. The diversity and complexity of big city life can challenge you to adapt, grow, and redefine/narrow in on your sense of self. 


The contrast between the fast-paced city filled with unnecessary pieces of life that take away from the simple important elements of life. A newfound appreciation for the things you once took for granted—the tight-knit bonds of community, the tranquility of nature, and the familiarity of home. Living in a big city undoubtedly offers a plethora of new opportunities, but it also comes with its fair share of distractions that can obscure the truly important elements of life.


Yet, it was in the quiet moments of solitude, far from the bustle of urban life, that I came to realize the profound beauty woven into the fabric of your existence. Your winding country roads, lined with towering trees. It was here, amidst the peeling paint of forgotten storefronts and the crumbling of my own empty dreams that I found strength and comfort in myself. The lingerings of lost hope was hard to shake but I sought solace from the relentless storm of life beyond your borders.


In this quaint town, where time seems to stand still, I discovered the truth of community—still connected to the friends I started with. The camaraderie shared over a a beer on a back porch, and the warmth of a neighbor actually waving back as we passed each other by on the street. My journey from small town to big city and back again is a testament to my growth and evolution. I am lucky enough to have thoroughly experienced many paces of life. 


It was in the simple pleasures of life—the sound of crickets chirping on a summer's eve, and the sight of fireflies dancing in the front yard at twilight—that I found solace and contentment.


And so, Summerfield, as a humble admirer, grateful for the lessons you've imparted and the love you've showed me. For it is in your unassuming beauty, that I've come to understand the true meaning of home which I carry with me everywhere I go.


As I sign off this Ballad of Summerfield, know that I will forever be tethered to yours, bound by the ties of kinship and affection that only a small town can nurture.

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