Introducing Our Current Scents - Spring '24

With new visitors to the Summerfield shop, we thought our current scents were due for a proper introduction. As some scents change with the seasons and others leave to make room for the new, the classics must stay. Here at the heart of our collection lies Bandera –




No stranger to our family and friends, our Bandera scent has been a staple in our lineup for nearly a year now. Consistently reigning as a fan favorite, this scent draws inspiration from ventures into the rugged Texas Hill Country. We sought to capture the essence of this untamed landscape in a candle just for you.


Picture yourself amidst the dry hills featuring wild flowers and their delicate blooms infusing the air with a subtle sweetness. Yet, beneath this floral veil lies the sturdy embrace of woody undertones, grounding the scent.


Side view of cow grazing on grassy field at a dude ranch in Bandera,Texas

Longhorn in Bandera, Texas.


Named after the "Cowboy Capital of the World," you won't find any frills here. Bandera strikes the perfect balance between floral elegance and ruggedness, embodying the spirit of the Texas Hill Country landscape it represents.




As we proceed through the classics, we've recently embarked on a journey to reinvent our "Midnight" scent. Its name alone evokes a sense of mystery and allure, perfectly capturing the essence of its inspiration.


A small town tucked away in the heart of Mississippi, where a game of poker played at midnight decided the towns future. A poker room where the scent of tobacco mingles with the richness of Mississippi Mud (dessert pie) coming from the kitchen, creating an atmosphere steeped in southern history and charm.


With our new formulation, Midnight embodies the essence of this enchanting town. Notes of smooth tobacco blend seamlessly with the warmth of vanilla, crafting a fragrance that's as captivating as the midnight hour itself. It's a scent that's both familiar and intriguing, inviting you to unravel its layers with each burn.




Introducing Jasper, our newest scent destined to become an instant favorite. Jasper is the crisp, clean scent of pine needles dancing on the earthy fragrance of the forest floor. It's a journey through the rustic charm of the East Texas pine lands. After one visit to Jasper, Texas you would too seek an oasis amidst the towering pines.


The shores of Sam Rayburn Reservoir

Pines on the shores of Sam Rayburn Reservoir - Jasper, Texas. 


Drawing parallels to the picturesque mountain towns of Jasper, Georgia, and Jasper, Tennessee, nestled among the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, this scent evokes the serene beauty of these tranquil landscapes. Just like its namesakes, Jasper exudes a timeless tranquility that transports you to a place of pure bliss and relaxation.




Introducing another newbie, Greene. A captivating fragrance that immerses you in the sweetness of the lush landscapes found in the northeastern towns bearing its name. With notes of crisp greenery and earthy undertones, Greene transports you to a world of natural splendor, reminiscent of the picturesque towns of Greene, Rhode Island; Greene, New York; and Greene, Maine.


Until 1854 Greene, Rhode Island was a swamp with a cart path running through it. Our Greene scent captures the essence of these landscapes, evoking a sense of tranquility found in untamed greenery. Indulge in the essence of Greene and experience the wonders of northeastern


Sabattus pond, Greene, ME.


We take pride in celebrating the unique charm of each small town we represent, carefully crafting scents that pay homage to their individual beauty. Our new scents are no exception, they capture the essence of these towns with refreshing unique blends and true American made quality.



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