Reasons OOH Is Effective For Small Businesses.

When we first created our brand, Summerfield Candle Co., we had learned about OOH (Out-of-Home) advertising but we were unsure if it would be a fit for our business' initiatives. We quickly started putting together ambitious goals for Summerfield Candle Co. and needed the proper marketing initiatives to achieve them. After our own research and very inspiring meetings with Craig Cook (Founder of Mobilads), I realized OOH advertising is a perfect fit for the majority of our marketing strategies. 
For those that are also looking to expand their marketing channels this will be a great read for you! In the growing digital world, entrepreneurs forget that all marketing is not done online. Out-of-home advertising (OOH) is advertising that takes place outside of the users home. Consumers are engaged while they are commuting on their daily routines or waiting on their subway stop. OOH advertising media delivers a consistent brand presence and is available to inform and engage customers throughout the duration of the campaign. Advertisers are diversifying, turning to OOH to reach a far wider audience as traditional media continues to splinter. One of the advantages of out-of-home advertising is its ability to reach people who are difficult and expensive to reach through other media, such as those who do not stream television or have limited social media usage. 
Mobilads rideshare advertising - Summerfield Candle Co.
Our marketing efforts are very targeted and must adhere to a specified budget while achieving specific goals. With that being said, let's discuss why Mobilads and OOH advertising works for us at Summerfield Candle Co.

1. Campaigns to fit our buyer persona's age, location, and events.

All brands should be conducting consistent research and analysis on their buyers and target audiences. A brand can connect to their ideal customer through targeting specific locations. With a targeted OOH advertising campaign you need to keep in mind, does my ideal customer travel through this area, and what do those passing by want and need.

2. Raising Brand Awareness is one of our never ending goals.

We trust in our brand's quality and know that we deliver on our impressions with customers. Therefore, our goal is to create additional opportunities to win over consumers and steadily increase market share. OOH impressions are excellent for raising the legitimacy of Summerfield Candle Co. and generating immediate awareness about what good we create.

3. Budgets and monetary estimates that are specific.

Dialed in budgets are of the utmost importance for a small business. OOH media formats offer scalability and wide market coverage. A well constructed OOH advertising campaign is a way to be seen side by side with companies twice your size due to the highly competitive CPM rates OOH media offers. We may not be able to experiment with the latest digital advertising tricks because of our budget, but we can be sure that people will see ads for Summerfield Candle Co. if we use out-of-home (OOH) media.

4. Digital Media/Social Media/Online Advertising is becoming increasingly more difficult and watered down.

One's exposure to advertisements online has multiplied. Online ads increasingly annoy and create desensitized consumers. For us at Summerfield Candle Co and many other brands, it becomes tougher to stand out considering the volume of pop-ups and spam reaching consumers digitally. Users can also choose to block, ignore or skip online advertisements. OOH is "unskippable" so your campaign becomes unavoidable to your targeted audience.

5. OOH allows creative impact

As a creative, OOH media gives me the opportunity to express creativity and speak to Summerfield Candle Co's brand. Working with Craig and the team at Mobilads to create displays was a great process. Using the following tactics allows our brand to achieve campaign success: simplicity, designs with high contrast, and countdowns. In a busy media world, larger-than-life visuals and strong branding stands out and creates a brand's presence.


"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant." - Robert Louis Stevenson.

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