Small Town Summerfield: A Journey Through Them All

As the founder of Summerfield Candle Co., I carry with me the essence of a town that shaped my roots – the small but vibrant Summerfield, NC. It's the heartbeat of my brand, the flicker of memories that inspired the warmth you find in each of our candles. But why stop there? Let's take a look into the landscapes of every Summerfield, discovering the unique tales woven into the fabric of each community... wander through the history, the culture, and the hidden gems of every Summerfield town in the U.S.


Many of the places and landmarks named Summerfield are in honor of the Irish-born Methodist minister John Summerfield. Arriving in the United States in 1821, Summerfield was an important figure in the Second Great Awakening, an American religious revival spanning from the 1790s to the 1840s. The popularity of Summerfield’s preaching contributed to the rapid growth of the Methodist denomination during this period. Many methodist churches are named after John Summerfield such as the Summerfield Methodist Episcopal in Milwaukee, WI.


From the sun-kissed plains of Summerfield, Texas, to the picturesque corners of Summerfield, Florida – each town has its own story to tell. This blog series is more than just a travelogue; it's a celebration of the spirit that unites these diverse communities under the banner of Summerfield. Now we go small town to small town, seeking the familiar in the unfamiliar.


  • Summerfield, North Carolina
  • Summerfield, Florida
  • Summerfield, Ohio
  • Summerfield, Alabama
  • Summerfield, Illinois
  • Summerfield, Louisiana
  • Summerfield, Maryland
  • Summerfield, Missouri
  • Summerfield Township, Clare County, Michigan
  • Summerfield Township, Monroe County, Michigan
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