Summerfield, 1997 Film

We love everything Summerfield and when we stumbled across a movie made in 1977 with our brand name, obviously had to give it a go. Honestly, Summerfield is not a bad movie.

You can still enjoy this film although most movies have trouble holding up over 40 years later. The pace, however, is sluggish and almost too slow at times. Clues to the mystery are sprinkled in pretty leisurely.

The positives of Summerfield for me are the young actress does solid work and the film is very atmospheric. The film was shot on location in the small seaside town of Cowes on Philip Island which is in Victoria, Australia.

Summerfield, 1977 Film - Trailer

Summerfield, 1977 Film Poster


Summerfield, 1977 Film, Michelle Jarman


Summerfield, 1977 Film, Summerfield Estates Vehicle


Summerfield, 1977 Film, Nick Tate

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