Summerfield presents - "Houston Pockets" featuring Jenni's Noodles.

Houston Pockets - Episode 1


Summerfield's Houston City Guide: Our Favorite Places to Eat, Drink, and Explore.


In the heartland of Houston there is a twenty year old business that just added a new element to their menu. Jenni's Noodles is now offering coffee in addition to their teas and traditional offerings. Jenni's Noodles is located on 20th St. in the Houston Heights neighborhood. One of the most coveted areas in Houston.


This series will serve to highlight the staples of the many unique neighborhoods (pockets) within the Houston metro area. As each neighborhood is different, so are the businesses and we hope to let that shine through.




What a great experience it was to get to meet Scott and the Jenni's Noodles crew. As I work to bring this series to life I could not have meet a better entrepreneur to start off with. Scott was extremely welcoming and easy going. If you know of anyone that would welcome us to learn about their business or has a story they want to share please reach out.

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