Time To Switch Up Your Scents For Fall.

While we might be a little too passionate about scents and seasonality, we wanted to share some tips on how to welcome the changing of season this year. The fall season is full of unique scents so lets take advantage of the cool air by filling it with our Foothills scented candles. Our Foothills scented candles bring out the scent of ripened fig surrounded by light jasmine, cherry blossom, and geranium. Featuring soft notes of green leaves, and moss that add a lush, green quality create a perfect balance for the autumn aura. Our fragrances are all outdoors inspired and made from natural essential oils.
Summerfield Candle Co.'s Bandera and Foothills 12oz. jar soy candles.
We know candles aren't the only products used to welcome the scents of the fall season. Let us highlight some of the best fall-friendly personal fragrance products that are tried and true favorites from our favorite brands. Perfect for gifts and any occasion, here is our shortlist for Fall 2022.



Ombre Leather by Tom Ford


Tom Ford Ombré Leather Review (2022): The Best Leather Fragrance - Scent  Grail


Tom Ford is known for their textural scents and this one is no different. The notes highlighted here are black leather, violet flower, and jasmine flower. These balance a blend of masculinity and fall floral scents.



Cedrat 37 by Le Labo


Le Labo CEDRAT 37 | Softer Volumes


Launched in August 2021, Cedrat 37 features citrus hints with the fresh cedar and amber undertones. This warm woody fragrance is perfect to match your fall fashion.



Most Wanted by Azzaro


The Most Wanted Parfum: Azzaro Announces a New Release -


By far our favorite from Azzaro, this scent you can pick up the vanilla undertones along with the incandescent woods accord to make it a great fall cologne.



La Nuit De L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent


La Nuit de L'homme Set | YSL Beauty


This one is my personal go-to and so I saved it for last. The way this cologne smells once it has settled is top-notch for fall. You immediately smell the citrus come through but the cedar wood and vetiver deliver on the undertones.


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