Tales from Summerfield, Kansas

As we bring to you the many communities of Summerfield throughout the great lands of America, we get to Summerfield, Kansas.


Summerfield, Kansas, stands as a quaint small town with a rich rural history of agricultural communities scattered across the Midwest, particularly in Kansas. Despite its modest population, hovering around 200 residents based on recent records, Summerfield stands within a three-hour radius of three million people. So needless to say there is enough around. Nestled on the north border of Kansas, the town offers a serene escape, with Nebraska visible from just over the border and a strategic location between Kansas City and Lincoln, Nebraska, making it a mere 75 miles away from the thrill of Cornhuskers football games on Saturdays.


Early Photo of Summerfield, Kansas, Main Street.


Named in honor of Elias Summerfield, the railroad superintendent during the town's formation, the town boasts a history dating back to the late 19th century. Incorporated in the spring of 1890, with R.G. Cunningham as its first elected mayor, Summerfield has witnessed the ebb and flow of time. The Summerfield Sun, the town's inaugural newspaper, was brought to life by Edward and Harry Felt, sons of the distinguished A. J. Felt, former lieutenant governor of Kansas.


In 1910, the town reached its peak with a population of 554, equipped with essential amenities like banking facilities, a weekly newspaper, telegraph and express offices, schools, churches, and an international money order post office.



Holy Family Catholic Church, Summerfield, Kansas 

The Holy Family Catholic Church, a cornerstone since its establishment in 1892, continues to grace the town with its timeless beauty, serving parishioners faithfully.


Embracing its agricultural roots, Summerfield paints its landscape of rolling hills adorned by fields of corn, soybeans, and hay. The soybeans cultivated here might even find their way into our crafted candles, as our brand proudly supports American farmers. The strong agricultural presence in the surrounding area contributes to the town's picturesque rural charm.


Tight-knit communities are a hallmark of small towns, and Summerfield is no exception. The town thrives on community events, local gatherings, and shared activities that forge strong bonds among its residents. Amidst the serene surroundings, the residents savor the slower pace of life, cherishing the simplicity and warmth that small-town living offers.


Delving into its history, Summerfield unveils unique facets, including the town's involvement in the raising and racing of valuable race dogs. Horse and dog races were integral to the town's entertainment scene, alongside lively platform dances, square dances, and modern dances that drew large crowds. Summerfield's community is characterized by friendly, decent, and hard-working individuals who take pleasure in the unhurried rhythm of their daily lives.



 Summerfield, Kansas Post Office

Summerfield, Kansas Post Office via https://www.summerfieldkansas.com/



Summerfield, Kansas City Hall

City Hall Summerfield, Kansas





Ballfield, Summerfield, Kansas

Ballfield in Summerfield, Kansas



Transition Plus is an exciting 501c3 project in Summerfield.

Transition Plus is an exciting 501c3 project in Summerfield, set to foster rural community development.
 Where is Summerfield, Kansas?
Summerfield, Kansas on the map.


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